OOTD: a touch of red

Good morning beautiful people! It’s been a while, I know, I’m sorry. Today I’m back at’chu with an OOTD. The lovely people at Danity Paris gave me the chance to select two dresses from their collection and I decided to choose two pieces that are polar opposites, just like my style, as I really like to mix things up and wear very feminine things with something tougher and vice versa. Today I want to show you my first pick which is a gorgeous black and white lace dress.

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I am a man’s worst nightmare

I am a man’s worst nightmare: I’m a vegetarian, I call myself a feminist, I’ll call you out if you use the words faggot, nigger or slut, I am the annoying, uptight kind of person that kindly asks you to fuck off if you shout nice ass from the other side of the road, I am the one who gets catcalled by middle-aged men and asks them if they met their wife by doing that, I’m the one who doesn’t need you to buy her a drink, that doesn’t care to impress a man with that short dress, and doesn’t give a damn if you prefer me to be shaved down there. I’m also allegedly a slut, an attention-whore, too opinionated, too liberal, a witch, a lesbian, a masochist, a gold digger, way too bossy, a unicorn, married to Satan and a raging bitch. BREAKING NEWS: I’ve decided to stop getting offended and own up to every single one of these allegation, true or not (I might actually be an unicorn irl).

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OOTD: My Uniform


Good morning beautiful people. Today I’m back with another outfit post, my uniform to be exact, the typical clothing combination that I like to wear on a daily basis: aka denim of some sort, a basic top or t-shirt, a layering piece and some pointy ankle boots paired with a bag that can fit all my junk. Admittedly the jeans I’m wearing are not my usual denim of choice, I’m more into skinny or straight jeans, but I love the high waist in these mom jeans so I had to give them a go. Keep scrolling for more pictures and outfit details, and enjoy!

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New in from Zaful: My new favorite bikinis

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Good morning beautiful people! I haven’t been so excited to share something with you in a while. I recently ordered some gorgeous bikinis and two pairs of sunglasses on a website called Zaful and let me tell you: I’m OBSESSED. Everything on the website is incredibly cheap which is why I was expecting very poor quality and a not so flattering fit, but for the price I decided to give it a try anyway and when they offered to send me some pieces I couldn’t say no. Well, they have proved me wrong, not only the bikinis are gorgeous, but they fit amazing and the material feels super nice. Keep scrolling for more pictures and links…

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