I am a man’s worst nightmare

I am a man’s worst nightmare: I’m a vegetarian, I call myself a feminist, I’ll call you out if you use the words faggot, nigger or slut, I am the annoying, uptight kind of person that kindly asks you to fuck off if you shout nice ass from the other side of the road, I am the one who gets catcalled by middle-aged men and asks them if they met their wife by doing that, I’m the one who doesn’t need you to buy her a drink, that doesn’t care to impress a man with that short dress, and doesn’t give a damn if you prefer me to be shaved down there. I’m also allegedly a slut, an attention-whore, too opinionated, too liberal, a witch, a lesbian, a masochist, a gold digger, way too bossy, a unicorn, married to Satan and a raging bitch. BREAKING NEWS: I’ve decided to stop getting offended and own up to every single one of these allegation, true or not (I might actually be an unicorn irl).

I always thought I didn’t give a damn about other people’s opinion, which is only in part true, I didn’t care if you thought I was pretty, or smart, that didn’t define my worth, it never has and never will, but a part of me has always been vulnerable to a different kind of opinion, when men would harass me in the streets I would always ask myself if I was in part guilty, maybe I shouldn’t have been wearing what I was wearing, maybe I wasn’t supposed to go out late at night. Maybe exploring my sexuality the same way a man does, does actually make me a slut, maybe refusing to keep my mouth shut on important topics does make too opinionated and maybe staring at men dead in the eye with a serial killer look when they tell me “you look prettier when you smile” does make me a bitch.

I have been ridiculously lucky and I was raised by the most kind, open minded and accepting parents whom have taught me see everyone as my equal, men or women, I wasn’t expected to be a straight woman, ready to get married and have kids waiting home for my husband to bring money and food: I was taught to be a respectful human being, I was taught to make my own money, to work my ass of to archive what I want, I was taught to wear whatever I want, to please myself and not a man, I was taught that I’m not supposed to be afraid of walking around at night and if someone harasses me it’s their fault, not mine. I’m forever thankful for my parents and the way they have raised me, and it upsets me that with time all of those principles have been modified by society’s gender rules, it upsets me that once I was put out in the word by myself all of those words and ideas were worth nothing, because “people don’t think like that”.
My resolution for 2017 and my wish to you is to recognise your worth, stop being afraid of people’s opinion, quit bending to gender rules, love your body, embrace your sexuality and start living unapologetically.





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